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The #1 Question OEMs should ask EMS manufacturers

Twenty percent (20%) of materials purchases by contract EMS manufacturers are risk buys, on a volume basis. This translates to higher MCOGs for OEM customers and is due to a variety of reasons like EMS uncertainty of optimal materials pricing,
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Top 50 EMS provider revenues

Its not uncommon for private EMS providers (of all sizes) to boast. OEMs should ask for EMS financials signed off by a third-party auditor as part of your EMS due diligence.
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Watson is IBM’s Hail Mary pass: Why its not working


To try and make sense of the constant marketing push for Watson I looked into Watson’s projects. I wanted to see and gauge the success stories, but finding them proved difficult. So difficult I could not find one. But what …
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How to compare Flex, Jabil, Sanmina, Celestica manufacturing supply chain capabilities


My electronics manufacturing solutions provider just sold me a bill of goods, conveying their manufacturing supply chain capabilities and framing the narrative with “superior supply chain predictability, agility, and visibility”. This is how EMS provider Sanmina positions their manufacturing execution …
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[Documents] Manufacturing Supply Chain Competitive Readiness Questionnaire

Some areas this questionnaire can help manufacturers reduce costly IDL errors and better manage IDL productivity and supply chain execution include BOM management, purchasing and planning, materials and inventory management, scheduling and work orders, sales and operations planning (S&OP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), risks in third-party IP ownership against supply chain technology stacks, and manufacturing artificial intelligence, to name a few.
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OEM cash in advance EMS manufacturing

One way OEMs can help get potential EMS partners to commit includes being open to cutting change orders and adding to your AVL to make things easier for EMS providers to get through their materials acquisition cycle.
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Why EMS PCB assembly companies lose B2B customer opportunities

The EMS industry has a high failure rate when it comes to new business lead opportunities v. percent of new customer deals closed. Its not surprising most EMS top line growth is from incumbent OEM customers giving their EMS providers additional business. EMS growth has little to do with exceptional EMS marketing and sales techniques.
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[Documents] Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Design Services

This medical design contract service agreement covers clauses, liability and execution responsibilities for regulation such as FDA premarket notification (510(k)) submission, the premarket approval application (PMA) process, investigational device exemptions (IDE), FDA certifications, scope of work, invoicing and payment of …
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[Documents] Contract Agreement for EMS Medical Device Manufacturing Services

This agreement focuses on OEM medical device customer clauses for manufacturing terms, pricing, payment terms, purchase orders liability and forecasting (initial and subsequent), rescheduling, EMS provider delivery v OEM Acceptance, manufacturing device changes, product warranty, customer equipment and components, contract …
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[Documents] EMS Industry

Contract electronic outsourcing industry design / manufacturing agreements, templates, term sheets, audit checklist evaluations, and more for purchase.
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