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Contracting EMS manufacturing off shore to save money

For many OEMs, the cost savings benefit is most likely within a one or two-year period and this will disappear afterward. Read this article to find out why
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When electronics OEM board of directors drives decision to contract your EMS manufacturing

If your board of directors (BOD) is driving the electronics outsourcing decision, accept that you’re likely not going to be able to rely on your own events schedule. Ask stakeholders these questions.
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14 Steps how OEMs select contract electronic manufacturing (EMS) partners

Every electronics OEM outsourcing program is different. Highlights for key, internal OEM discussions when considering EMS partners are detailed in outline format.
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Electronics OEM decision maker differentiates EMS

Comments from an electronics OEM decision maker sharing his views on why his company chose a particular contract EMS provider.
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Japanese EMS providers finding their place in Asia


For years Japanese EMS providers relied on Keiretsu to help differentiate their services. But as more contract electronics providers become vertically integrated Japanese EMS as a differentiator is losing its appeal. Read what Japanese and other Asian providers can do to remain competitive.
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Unremarkable EMS outcomes are best

Proper EMS internal planning / procurement and program management staffing requires knowing your OEM customer’s program. Here’s what to look for…
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OEM RFP best practices for contract electronic manufacturing

Helpful tips for OEM executives preparing request for proposals (RFP) for contract electronics design and manufacturing. What to expect and how to manage the process as electronics services providers prepare and submit their quotes.
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OEM BOMs and eight improvement opportunities in contract electronics

Contract electronic manufacturers frequently take the OEM’s data and create new part numbers in the CM’s product documentation management system. This creates issues and errors for a number of reasons.
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Top 10 operations due diligence metrics in contract EMS industry

The average OEM project engagement for electronic OEM equipment manufactures seeking guidance from Venture Outsource, when it comes to customizing the right EMS manufacturing KPIs to help OEM equipment manufacturers manage EMS spend, have more control over holding EMS partners …
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Why quote pricing for contract electronics services isn’t standardized


Reasoning behind internal provider costs and prices offered to OEMs for provider services with links to provider financial due diligence, RFQ best practices and more.
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