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How to OEM request BOM quotes (RFQ) for EMS manufacturing

A BOM RFQ letter to help validate electronic OEM program business assumptions and select suitable EMS providers for complete turn key contract electronics.
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OEM selection of EMS proposal and awarding EMS manufacturer your OEM program

Do your homework because your cost to change EMS providers later is high. Its not a simple decision and it’s critical for your success as well.
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OEM review of EMS quotes during RFQ phase

OEM and EMS functional teams need to talks. Invest the time and let your team talk to each other internally about what they see as different EMS companies’ strengths and weaknesses and strength and weaknesses they see in your own company.
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Why high priced EMS manufacturing services can be best

Choosing higher priced EMS partners could be more reflective of your total cost of ownership. But there are also risks. Read more to see what’s best for your company.
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Electronics OEM outsourcing best practices and decision-making

From small to large companies, startups to mature OEMs, hardware- vs software-driven, OEMs are all different. A lot goes into the decision process deciding what to outsource and who to outsource with.
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OEM Finance and cost concerns sourcing contract electronics manufacturing

Looking at OEM cash flow and spend management, is managing operational expenses more important to your financial success than capital expenditures? As you progress forward in selecting and managing EMS partners there are hundreds of key objectives and operating indicators…
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Total landed cost considerations for OEM electronics outsourcing

Identify who your stakeholders are and keep them informed then seek EMS providers that excel in areas you do not so you can focus on creating synergies.
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If only I knew then how much of my electronic hardware manufacturing to outsource

Contract electronics solutions providers can do so much more than lower your costs. Read helpful tips and considerations many OEMs don’t know about.
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Electronics NPI engineering influence on EMS manufacturing partner selection

You could increase your risks if your NPI center is a different company than your EMS solution because costs of transferring programs from your NPI center to a different EMS production location is expensive.
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How geography impacts your EMS manufacturing location decision

High gross margin OEM programs with low-volume may not influence your geographic EMS manufacturing decision too much. Conversely, changes to the mix do impact your decision.
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