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Is FLEX product development and scale embedded in EMS reality?


Flex, like all solutions providers, has lost customers to competitors. Whether a provider has dozens of facilities or just a few, OEMs should go into discussions knowing not ever provider factory or functional department is firing on all cylinders.
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Thin margin myth in EMS manufacturing


Why EMS sales convinces OEMs that EMS margins are thin and how OEM customers continue to pay extra for lack of real risk decisioning by EMS management.
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EMS mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, alliances and investment

Harvard Business Review says M&A failure rate ranges from 70% to 90%. Reasons include organization complexity, multiple locations… For EMS M&A, failure is more specific.
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Internal vs external manufacturing cost feasibility analysis in electronics outsourcing

The diagram shows how internal electronics OEM costs are reduced as the outsourced OEM program transitions to vertically-integrated contract solutions providers.
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EMS Provider perspective: Managing end-of-life (EOL) product lifecycle management (PLM)

Steps EMS providers use PLM and managing OEM programs and product end-of-life costs. Contains actual example with input from EMS functional department heads.
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How to OEM request PCB assembly quotes (RFQ) for EMS manufacturing

Your current EMS provider just missed a shipment to one of your important customers because of ongoing, internal EMS systems test yield issues. You realize you now have to prepare RFQs for alternative providers because your company reputation is on the line.
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How to OEM request BOM quotes (RFQ) for EMS manufacturing

A BOM RFQ letter to help validate electronic OEM program business assumptions and select suitable EMS providers for complete turn key contract electronics.
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OEM selection of EMS proposal and awarding EMS manufacturer your OEM program

Do your homework because your cost to change EMS providers later is high. Its not a simple decision and it’s critical for your success as well.
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OEM review of EMS quotes during RFQ phase

OEM and EMS functional teams need to talks. Invest the time and let your team talk to each other internally about what they see as different EMS companies’ strengths and weaknesses and strength and weaknesses they see in your own company.
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Why high priced EMS manufacturing services can be best

Choosing higher priced EMS partners could be more reflective of your total cost of ownership. But there are also risks. Read more to see what’s best for your company.
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