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Internet of Things changes OEM electronics outsourcing strategy


The Internet of Things changes how electronics OEM decision makers identify capable providers with adequate service capabilities and deep understanding of extract, transform and loading of proprietary methodologies.
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Should cost analysis: How contract electronics manufacturing services price OEM quotes

Performing should cost analysis for electronics services means understanding how contract manufacturers turn a cost center – into a profit center. This article is based on an actual OEM program cost case study from within a provider.
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Robotics drives automotive, industrial electronics manufacturing opportunities

Electronics OEM company needs for lowering manufacturing costs and the contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) industry are encouraged to keep an eye on relationships between these markets.
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Can ODM Wistron navigate PC challenges?

The majority of Wistron’s revenues come from the computing market which could spell trouble if Wistron is unable to create and grow alternate revenue sources.
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Can Taiwan win industrial robotics manufacturing automation race?

Production-related activities in smart factories will need to be linked closer with administrative information systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution. Additionally, a broader range of sub-systems from various providers will need to be integrated into smart …
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Asian industrial electronic ODMs poised to capture IoT computing market

There are a wide range of end market sub-segments and uses in the industrial electronics PC marketplace with no distinguishable single use dominating according to a report by investment bank UBS. In the report, the bank believes the largest sub-segments …
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Industrial electronics Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity

The IoT segment may not be capital or labor-intensive but this segment will require hiring significant numbers of R&D engineers because each product requires a high degree of customization due to the high-mix / low-volume nature of the business.
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Smartphone, mobile telecom hardware trends and EMS opportunity

One trends EMS/ODM companies must embrace include higher megapixel camera technology. Read article for further details/graph.
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Electronics ODM forecast gain in cloud server, storage market

According to research firm IDC, original design manufacturers (ODM) have grown their share in servers and will see continued growth in the storage segment as cloud service provider continue to disrupt the market with private cloud services poised to disrupt …
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China players, trends in cloud computing services

With earlier years of accumulation, cloud computing is now currently at the fast development stage moving from early mainstream to mainstream. Read more for details on players in China and differences in cloud services
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