Benchmark Electronics product life cycle strategy in a gray sea of EMS manufacturing differentiation

By Staff

Some say EMS provider Benchmark Electronics’ (BHE) move into offering full life cycle customer product strategy is a differentiator.

Not so.

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Benchmark has some strengths, like so many other EMS providers. Buy there are plenty of other EMS providers serving similar markets with same or more technical depth and scope.

In many instances, as lines for differentiation between EMS providers become blurry, comparing EMS firms by revenues and locations today can offer truer differentiation.

Its this lack of differentiation that forces EMS providers to rely more on customer relationships, knowing its easy for OEMs to pick up their programs and change EMS suppliers.

Some information on geographic footprint for Benchmark Electronics is below.

BHE Locations Square Footage % Overall Square Footage
Alabama Call Call
Arizona Call Call
California Call Call
Minnesota Call Call
New Hampshire Call Call
Texas Call Call
China 326,000 Call
Malaysia Call Call
Mexico Call Call
Netherlands Call Call
Romania Call Call
Thailand Call Call


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