5G Content drives OLED and flexible display panels in smartphones, communications, gaming, Industry 4.0

Emersive content key part of 2019 Mobile World Congress

Electronics displays, consumer electronics, and communications industry highlights from the 2019 Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) focuses on immersive content via 5G smartphone, industry 4.0 platform, both with low to zero latency.

Foldable smartphones and handsets
Provided foldable handsets will be able to be folded multiple times, users will view and interact with screens ranging from smartphone to personal computing size, to the size of large televisions, with all sizes resulting in increased usage across areas like digital medicine and healthcare, gaming, media, education, plus other end markets, when supportd by data transfer speeds enabled by 5G networks.

Industry 4.0 sees blockchain in manufacturing supply chain
Artificial intelligence benefits electronics manufacturing expansion

So far, 16 nations are anticipating 5G services to become available in 2019. On this note, 5G smartphone penetration is projected to account for 18% of the global market by 2022. See graph below.

Global OLED display market (26% CAGR 2018-2020)

Common concerns (obstacles?) today for achieving foldable handset projections include price and physical dimensions (like weight, thickness..). Naturally, acceptance and market demand will help drive form factor improvements and cost/price reductions, according to a report by KB Securities.

Comparison of network speed and delay rate by generation

The 2019 Mobile World Congress also had its share of robotics, IoT and provider services beyond the conferences main emphasis focused on high speeds, ultra-low latency, and super connectivity of 5G networks.

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5G to boost immersive content demand
While demand for immersive content is expected to be underscored by increases in both quantity and quality of immersive content, further growth of cloud gaming infrastructure is expected to also help gain widespread adoption of 5G by end users.

Investments are expected to grow in small- and mid-size organic light-emitting diode (OLED) flexible panels and large-size white OLED (WOLED).

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