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VentureOutsource.com’s OEM Community is a collaborative endeavor for OEM professionals working in OEM companies in the electronics industry. OEM Community policies are based on our beliefs everyone has a right to free expression and by engaging openly with others we all become better understanding of others and we become better professionals. VentureOutsource.com is committed to helping OEM professionals do the best they can for their careers and organizations. To this end, we respect the many differences in opinions, philosophies, beliefs and work styles and we expect our OEM Community members to do the same. To help maintain an environment conducive to quality, users must respect the following rules:

  1. Please use your real first and last name when creating your profile. (See: User VO Profiles)
  2. User VO Profile avatars must be a photo image of the user. Avatars depicting promotion, company logos or referencing images to a particular company or company name are not allowed and will be removed and could result in the user profile being deleted. (See: Self Promotion)
  3. Do not use our site to generate traffic for other sites. Making references, providing a link, or otherwise mentioning other sites of value to our members is permitted – as long as you do not do so habitually or for your own self-interest.
  4. THERE IS NO NEED TO SHOUT! A shout is when you post using all UPPER CASE letters. VentureOutsource.com is for reasonable and intelligent discourse. There is no room for shouting.
  5. You agree to keep your password confidential and not use other users’ accounts and to not let others use your account; you are responsible for anything that happens through your account — until you notify us of a breach (insight@ventureoutsource.com) or prove that your account security was compromised due to a fault of our systems. You are prohibited from selling, trading or otherwise transferring your account or any information therein to another party or charging anyone for access to any portion of VentureOutsource.com, or any information therein.
  6. You agree you will provide accurate information (such as your full, real name and a valid e-mail address) when registering with the site.
  7. You agree you will update your relevant information if it becomes outdated. If you provide any information that is, or that VentureOutsource.com in its reasonable discretion determines may be untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, VentureOutsource.com has the right, without prior notice, to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of OEM Community and Site.
  8. All posts are moderated for foul language and overly-abusive commercialized promotional posts.
  9. Links to adult content, pages with links to adult content, near adult content (including model and swimsuit sites), or messages describing anything against the law will be removed as soon as possible. Any discussion of these are off topic.
  10. Press releases, newsletters, web pages, or copyrighted content inserted into OEM Community or a profile will be removed without exception. Minor fair use excerpts of less than 150 words may be used if the content is publicly available on the Internet. A link to the content is acceptable and appropriate.
  11. You agree not to hold VentureOutsource.com or its members liable for anything stated within the Forums.
  12. Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Should anyone use inappropriate language, start a personal attack, or engage in hate speech, they will be barred.
  13. You are responsible for your own posts and agree not to hold VentureOutsource.com liable for any messages posted.
  14. Users using OEM Community or private messaging to communicate with other users, which may lead to partnerships, hirings, or working business relationships do so at their sole discretion. Venture Outsource, LLC is not responsible and by using this site you agree to relieve Venture Outsource, LLC from any responsibility and liability.

Self Promotion

VentureOutsource.com understands that site users and registered members wanting to use VentureOutsource.com as an opportunity to promote themselves and their companies or services. While we to foster this, there are ways that are acceptable and some that are unacceptable.

  • You may not directly advertise or promote yourself en masse to the membership via messaging, in any comment, blog post, discussion thread, group, or any media, including both photos and videos. The content in question is subject to removal at VentureOutsource.com’s discretion. Additionally, this content should not resemble that which you’d normally find on a press release or advertisement or late-night infomercial.
  • An acceptable way to generate and attract interest from others is to periodically contribute valued content to the Website. You have plenty of opportunity in article comments, forum discussion threads, Q&A, to name a few. Share your thoughts in your comments emphasizing your expertise and knowledge within any of these platforms as you would with any client, without directly soliciting them for business as you do so, or promoting your business or company. Your comment or posting should speak for itself and therefore build your reputation and brand in industry and on our Website within the community and other posting areas.
  • When you comment and post and you are logged in your comments and posts are automatically attributed (link to) to your profile page unless you are logged in and choose to post anonymously. In such examples, you still may not include any contact information, including the name of your business, in these areas. Since your profile page can contain a link to your personal or company Web page, and your Linkedin profile, you can still accomplish your objective of bringing the attention of others to you by writing with your post, “Check out my OEM Community profile page for more info about me or my company”.
  • For site users and registered members wanting to promote your company, products or services to the OEM Community and our greater Website readership, please contact us about advertising with VentureOutsource.com.
  • A serious violation is poaching or soliciting VentureOutsource.com members using VentureOutsource.com itself. While we promote healthy competition, VentureOutsource.com is against using the proprietary VentureOutsource.com internal private email messaging system, our technology or our various Website platforms to post a self-promoting article comment, or to promote a competing domain as doing so will be a violation of our community guidelines and you will be subject to an immediate ban from the community.

All postings posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Anyone posting another members personal details or web site details without permission will be banned. For more see FAQs.

We reserve the right to modify or change these guidelines at any time.

User VO Profiles

VO Profiles with personal images get 3x more messages from other users. OEM community was developed for electronics OEM professionals working in OEM companies and to help encourage thoughtful dialogue and meaningful connections between real, like-minded professionals. Using real names and an image of the registered user helps discourage against bad behavior and prevents impersonations that can degrade the quality of the conversation and the greater community. Read some FAQs on VO Profiles here.

  • Your VO Profile should include your full name and can include a photo of you (your face is preferred), and details that tell others about your professional background and what your role is, such as your responsibilities, your location. Company logos and other promotional imagery or imagery that violates copyright laws is not permitted.
  • Incomplete profiles have limited functionality. This might include, but is not limited to, the user cannot send or receive messaging with other members, the user’s profile does not display in member search results, to name a few.
  • Since OEM Community is a networking community, should you desire to connect, communicate, collaborate, and be found by peers, colleagues and friends…the more complete your VO Profile is, the better it can help you.
  • Using your VO Profile page to promote your company or business is not permitted.

VentureOutsource.com reserves the right to delete user VO Profiles in OEM Community or prohibit a user from using the Community, at any time, for any reason, without explanation and without advance notice. VentureOutsource.com also reserves the right to shut down OEM Community at any time, for any reason, without explanation and without advance notice.



VentureOutsource.com Events currently consist of online Webinars. This is a free service provided by VentureOutsource.com.

  • By registering for one of our online Webinars, you agree to our Event Registration Policy and you understand you also create a VO Profile and become a member of the community.
  • Your information provided during event registration is used to create a partially completed VO Profile in your name. And, as a community member you also declare you meet membership requirements and are subject to VentureOutsource.com’s User Terms Agreement. Membership is free.
  • Current members already registered in the community can use our 1-step event registration

Violations of VentureOutsource.com OEM Community Guidelines

Users who violate VentureOutsource.com OEM Community guidelines may or may not be contacted directly by a Venture Outsource representative. If contact by a Venture Outsource representative is made, such actions may result in only a warning, with repeat or more severe violations possibly resulting in a suspension, or immediate permanent banning from our community and deletion of the infringing user’s profile and posts. In some instances, a user’s IP address may also be banned to deny future domain access.

  • Banning is done at the Venture Outsource representative’s discretion and is the result of our sole determination of a member’s demonstrated inability or disinterest to follow our guidelines.
  • If you poach and solicit VentureOutsource.com members using our messaging system, you may be prosecuted. VentureOutsource.com does not publicly discuss or announce warnings, suspensions or bannings.
  • If a thread that contains a violation of these guidelines has information that’s useful to the original poster or other members of the site, it may be edited or locked.
  • Due to the size of our community it is impossible to monitor all posts on VentureOutsource.com. If you see a post you believe is in violation of our guidelines, please contact us.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

VentureOutsource.com verifies all member posts. Article comments, provider reviews, and opinions and statements posted don’t necessarily reflect the views of VentureOutsource.com.

It is your responsibility to consult your business or legal advisors or other qualified professionals before relying on information you find on VentureOutsource.com. VentureOutsource.com is not responsible for the accuracy of posts and is not liable for any damage or loss that may result from your reliance on information you read or receive from VentureOutsource.com. Read our User Terms Agreement.

All communications on VentureOutsource.com, including comments are public communications. It is also important to note the material you post on VentureOutsource.com may be indexed by search engines such as Google. However, Private messages between registered VO Profile users are private.

You are responsible for keeping your e-mail address active and updated. Failure to keep your e-mail address updated may result in your being banned until we can confirm that you have a valid e-mail address associated with your VentureOutsource.com OEM Community membership.

Keep your login information, especially your password, private. Sharing of memberships or is not allowed and may result in your being banned. VentureOutsource.com accepts no responsibility for use of your membership or computer by third parties, with or without your permission.

We welcome all comments and feedback. Contact VentureOutsource.com regarding the following situations:

  • Report any concern you have about our community.
  • Get help navigating the site or participating in our community.
  • Get clarification of these guidelines or any other aspect of our community.
  • Inform us of any violations of these guidelines.

For our part we will not edit or otherwise misrepresent what you write without cause. We reserve the right to edit any and all content that has been placed on VentureOutsource.com.

Updated May 24, 2018