Candidate Search Assistance Service

Venture Outsource, with its Website e-newsletter opt-in subscribers list; peer-driven GlobalNet Community member network of influencers, and years of building valuable relationships in electronics and numerous professional organizations at the highest levels, can help executive recruiters and organizations focused on hiring assess electronics industry and company needs, specify job requirements and roles, and identify potential candidates.

With the support of its global database of tens of thousands of strategic and decision-making technology professionals in over 40 countries Venture Outsource has built a rich knowledge base and library of electronics industry leadership insight and managerial and C-suite synergies.

From this unprecedented level of insight, access and influence, Venture Outsource is uniquely positioned to help executive recruiters and corporate HR professionals identify potential human capital, develop professional talents and skills, as well as ensure the proper corporate cultural fit in terms of both responsibility and capability.

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Venture Outsource’s Search Service covers multiple levels of support to accelerate the recruitment process and increase the caliber and range of candidates. Search engagements include:

  • C-Level executive or those at the EVP, SVP, VP level
  • Managerial-level

All candidates are screened against required job specifications, vetted to determine a sincere interest in the position being offered, and briefed on the opportunity presented to increase candidate interest and receptivity to recruitment offers.

Our process takes no longer than six weeks. Fees for services are two-tiered and specified by Venture Outsource based on candidate search requirements:

  • Executive-level search
  • Managerial-level search