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Why are you offering this service?

Our mission is to help simplify finding potentially suitable providers, products and services for consideration and to help decision makers find the services and resources that best fit their needs. Choosing providers, products or services can be one of the most important decisions a professional or organization may make, and we know the right fit can be different for each person or organization. The more information we can provide to help inform during the evaluation and selection process, the better it is for everyone, including the provider. Ratings and reviews can be invaluable to others with similar needs and preferences. Customer testimonials are helpful to providers as well.

How can I trust the reviewers?

The main advantage of our directory is the GlobalNet community. We display the reviewer’s name, title, and company for most reviewers which provides you the trust and confirmation the review is legitimate. Soon, reviewers can choose to be anonymous that display only reviewer ‘job title’ and ‘type of company’. If any questions arise to the legitimacy of a review, these are immediately evaluated by the team at who makes contact with the reviewer and validates the experience represented in the review. For more, see Review Guidelines.

As a provider or owner, why would I want others to review and rate my company, product or services?

Ratings and reviews can help you acquire new customers by serving as endorsements or referrals, and / or they can help you further improve your services by serving as a feedback mechanism. Great providers will flourish with this feature, and they’ll grow their businesses. In fact, we’ve seen listings with reviews and ratings can increase Website users and members request information about companies (conversion rates) two to three times as much as provider listings in our directory without reviews and ratings.

My company is not listed. How do I get my company listed?

You can submit your company here.

Your information will be evaluated by our editors. Simply submitting your company does not guarantee inclusion. The final decision is subjective on the part of

Do providers have to pay?

Basic listings are free. (A one-time setup fee may apply) Our directory lists all appropriate providers, products, services with our goal being to make the directory as robust and complete as possible for users.

As a provider, how can I get reviews on my company and services?

There are a variety of ways for you to encourage ratings and reviews. For example, you could:

  • E-mail a review request to your industry colleagues, vendors, suppliers, customers including a direct link to your listing on
  • Post or distribute marketing materials encouraging others to write reviews and rate your company or services on
  • Share your listing page with your social communities on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Can anyone review a provider or their services?

We review all reviews for…1.) We do not accept reviews from persons employed by, affiliated with, or competitors with, the provider being reviewed. 2.) Persons reviewing must be registered with our site and have a completed GlobalNet community profile. 3.) The reviewer’s ‘company type’ might include electronics OEM, industry vendor or supplier such as a printed circuit board company, semiconductor firm, financial institution, government… For more, seeĀ Review Guidelines.

What are the general guidelines for an acceptable review?

A review must indicate the nature of the reviewer’s experience with the provider and the reviewer must have firsthand experience with the listed provider or services being reviewed. For more, seeĀ Review Guidelines.

As a provider or company owner, may I delete reviews of my company, product or services? What if I don’t like a review that has been posted to my listing page? How may I dispute reviews?

No. Reviews cannot be deleted by the provider. If you feel a review of your company, product or services is inaccurate, unjust, or not meeting review policies and guidelines, you can email us at insight[at]ventureoutsource[dot]com. When you dispute a review, it is investigated and we will then follow up with you as needed to gather more information and share the moderation decision. In some instances the provider may be permitted to post a comment in response to the specific reviewer’s post

Why do some listings contain more information such as logos, company images, additional wording and display higher in search results rankings?

Providers can select to enhance their listing and add relevant content and resources to encourage our users to explore the company, product or services in more detail. We coordinate with listed companies to ensure such enhancements to a listing are not overly self-promotional.

Additional questions?

Please contact us if you have questions or feedback: