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Outsourcing contracts and electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

Below are numerous articles for OEM executives, knowing EMS providers are in business to be successful. And, part of being successful is making a profit. Providers quote the OEM a price for his outsourcing program and in the price is the provider’s cost, plus profit. All OEMs would be wise to understand how a provider determines this price, and find ways to minimize the profit the EMS provider makes while accepting providers do need to make a profit to survive. Need to locate electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers or original design manufacturers (ODM) for your outsourcing program? Search our company directory.


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Question: What priorities would an OEM rate the following major factors in choosing the right EMS provider wit...

Steve DeCollibusAnswer: 1. DFx,
2. Product knowledge and experience
3. Quality
4. Cost
5. Geography … Read more »

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