Product and component long lead time management reports

By Mark Zetter

Product and component long lead time management reports by the contract manufacturer will contribute to helping make sure the OEM outsourcing programs have a better chance of meeting scheduling and shipping requirements.

Typically, contract manufacturers will purchase specified quantities of long lead time material and OEM customer-unique materials only when the OEM customer authorizes such in advance and in writing.

Meanwhile, it is reasonable for the OEM customer to ask the contract manufacturer to compile, and maintain, a lead time report concerning product and component long lead time management (and provide an updated version of the report to the customer on a monthly basis to reflect the OEM’s most current requirements)

An example of some of the information a contract manufacturer’s product and component long lead time materials report to be submitted to the OEM customer may include:

  • Lead time period
  • Product or component manufacturer name
  • Manufacturer description
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Quantity required per unit of product
  • OEM customer part number
  • Contract manufacturer’s part number
  • Where the part is used (i.e., location on PCB)
  • Purchase quantity authorized by OEM customer
  • Purchase price authorized by OEM customer
  • Extended price

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